Why Choose Us ?

Purity: We use atleast 99.7% pure primary ingot to manufacture Aluminium profiles. We never use any scrap or wastage materials. Pioneers We are the first and only company to introduce Electroplated Aluminium profiles in Bangladeshi market. Advanced Technology: We use latest and advanced machineries to manufacture our profiles, which guarantee the best quality of our profiles. Skilled Manpower: We have skilled and efficient foreign engineers and technical expertise at our factory. They are working hard to meet international standard of our profiles. The local labors work under the supervision of foreign experts. Hardness: Our profiles are 30% harder than any other profiles available in the market. Thickness: We strictly maintain the desired thickness and dimension of our profiles. ;Thick Colour Coating: We ensure 10 microns thickness of colour coating by Double Salt Anodizing process. The Electroplating process is applied after the Anodizing process, which increases the thickness further by 8 microns. Therefore, an electroplated profile has 18 microns thickness of colour coating. Aging Proof: Our Electroplated profiles are scratch proof and anti-corrosive. They remain undamaged, fadeless and aging free for more than 50 years. The colour coating will never fade away. Durability: Our Electroplated profiles are 10 times durable than any other profiles available in the market. Our profiles can sustain adverse weather condition. Mirror Polish: Our Electroplated profiles come with unmatched shinning and brightness. And gives a permanent mirror like glossy effect. Defect Free: We ensure 100% defect free profiles. We perform various quality tests at every stage of design and development. Our products are free from fracture and shape deformation Wide variety: We offer a wide variety of profiles with different design, thickness and colour. We also accept customized orders. Tailored Solution: We manufacture custom designed profiles based on the requirements of our clients.

Company Profile .

Chung Hua, the name of most reliable Aluminium Extrusions manufacturer in Bangladesh, emerged breaking its former identity as Fu-Wang Aluminium Industry Ltd in January 2003.

Being aware of the extensive demand of quality Aluminium Profiles in Bangladesh three entrepreneurs from Mainland China and Taiwan under the prominent leadership of Mr. Hsu Chin Hua as Chairman came to invest in Bangladesh as Manufacturer and Supplier of Aluminium Profiles.

Chung Hua Aluminium Industry Ltd. started its journey in 1998, as a subsidiary of Keda Group of Companies of the People’s Republic of China, having factory in Gazipur and Head Office in Dhaka. At its birth Chung Hua Aluminium was a 100% foreign invested company. Later in 2011 it acquired local capital and become a Bangladesh- China joint venture Company. In its long journey Chung Hua Aluminium has always delighted all its stakeholders as to their respective expectations. We achieved end consumers confidence by providing quality products, quick services with reasonable price.

In the industry of Aluminium Chung Hua has been emerged as a market leader because of its strategy. This is the first company in Bangladesh who inaugurated the concept of cash sale of Aluminium for extra commission. This helps the company as well as dealer to do the business with confidentially and goal oriented. Chung Hua is the first company who launched the concept of door to door marketing by highest paid salaried people.